What is pension advice?

How can you be certain you’ll be able to fund the retirement you want? We can never be certain what the future will look like. But you can make sure you’re growing the best possible pension pot. And get the most out of it when the time comes.

While the new pension rules appear to make things more complicated – Lifetime annuity? Flexi-access drawdown? Or take the whole lot as cash? – The changes give you more freedom and control over your pension than ever before. For example a lifetime annuity may have made sense ten or twenty years ago. But if it no longer does, you don’t have to stick with it. You have more choices and our experts are on hand to give you the pension advice you need.

Why do I need advice?

No matter what age, stage, or personal circumstance we can advise. Our pension advisers have helped over 11,000 Brits improve their pension plan. You can read more about our pension review process here.

Whether you choose to make a change or stick with your current plan don’t leave it another ten years to review.  The economy, the pensions market, and even government legislation could still change. You must regularly review your pension plan to make sure it still meets your needs.

How can Profile help me?

Through our unbiased pension advice, we help around 7 out of every 10 people we work with get a better deal. Even if we don’t find you a better deal, we can keep on advising you towards retirement and beyond. (And because our initial reviews are so painless most people opt-in to this).

So, with your permission, your pensions adviser will get in touch once a year. They’ll answer any questions or concerns you have. They can update you on changes in legislation, offer their impartial advice and check for any new deals you would benefit from.

Just to be clear, this is a professional service we offer. Not a hidden tactic to spam you with sales guff for the next few years. In fact if you think, at any stage speaking with us, that’s it’s pushy or “salesy”, then email Simon. He’s our Chief Marketing Officer. And he makes sure that everyone delivers exactly what we say we will.