Is Transferring Your Pension the Answer?

No obligation, impartial advice on transferring your pension. Is transferring your pension the answer? Come to Profile Pensions for no obligation advice on how much transferring your pension could do for you. If you don’t know how much your pension is worth or how it will be paid out, you’re not alone. A pension statement should be as easy to read as a bank statement. i.e. This is how much you put in, how much interest you made, and how much will be available to you. Unfortunately, and this is an industry-wide problem, most pension statements are meaningless. In our view pension statements don’t give people enough information to make a decision on whether they’re getting the best value. That’s because they don’t want you to decide to transfer your pension. So how do you know what your options are and if you should transfer your pension? Well, you could phone us. Firstly, we are an impartial pension advisory service. We work with all the leading pension providers. But we give no obligation pension transfer advice without trying to keep you in a fund that we operate. But also we believe our point of difference is how we give advice. Part of our company mission is to give customers the clearest information possible. That means no jargon. It’s so important to us that we record and rate our advisers on how they speak with you. (Rather than how they “sell you”). You’ll learn more about transferring your pension in a 10 minute phone call with us than from 10 years’ worth of statements. And, because we work with every reputable provider, we have a better view of what you could gain or lose if you did transfer your pension. Try us. Call 01772977426. It’s completely no obligation. If you end the call we won’t contact you again unless you ask us to. That means no marketing spam for the next year. Speak soon. How to Transfer Your Pension For many of us, our pension is our main source of income in retirement. So ensuring you have the right pension is of critical importance, as in effect it will determine the lifestyle you’re able to lead. So should you consider transferring your pension? Well, if it isn’t going to deliver the kind of retirement you’re hoping for, then transferring pensions could be a sensible option. Unfortunately, many people never get around to it; maybe believing they are locked into their existing pension, especially if they have had it for a while, or because they think it will be a long-winded and difficult process. Can I transfer my pension? With the right help and advice, transferring pensions should be neither time-consuming nor complicated. We have many years’ experience in helping clients ‘escape’ from expensive or poorly performing pensions and take of advantage of much better deals that are now on offer. The way we go about it makes the transferring pensions process simple and quick. We start by carrying out an initial review of your current pension. We usually do this over the phone and it takes just minutes. By asking the right questions, from this short call alone we can usually tell whether it’s worth you exploring the options of transferring your pensions. If we believe you could be better off, we’ll compare your existing pension with a wide range of alternative options, analysing each of them in detail so we – and you – can be clear on the benefits of each, and any potential downsides, before we make our recommendations to you. How long does a pension transfer take? The market comparison generally takes 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how long your existing provider takes to give us the information we need about your existing pension. The good news is that in most cases we are able to offer our clients alternative pension arrangements that enable them to be better off in retirement. On the other hand, if we think you’re getting a good deal with your current pension, we’ll tell you that too. We work with all the major pension providers, so we can offer great choice and flexibility, with quality products. However, with no specific connection to any particular provider, our advice on transferring your pension is completely impartial, based entirely on what’s best for you. Only if you decide to accept our advice will you incur any charges and these will be clearly and fully explained to you before you make any commitment. If you decide to go ahead with transferring pension providers, we’ll begin the process, contacting your current provider, making arrangements with the new one, ensuring the transfer moves forward as smoothly and quickly as possible, and keeping you informed on progress every step of the way. The transfer should take a further 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Throughout the process, you will be looked after by your dedicated pension adviser, who will answer all your questions and take on all the effort of transferring your pension. You have the added assurance that we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, so you can be absolutely confident that the advice we give you is impartial and any pensions transferred will offer a great deal that’s in your best possible interests.