There’s a lot of stories in the news of people who’ve lost their entire pension pots of which some were invested in “SIPPs” or self-invested personal pensions.

If you’re worried you’ve invested in a bad SIPP then don’t delay. We’re impartial pension advisers, authorised and regulated by the FCA and can review any scheme for you straight away in a no obligation pension review. Just call us now on 01772977162.

But, if you’re confident about your current pension plan and want to know about the benefits of a SIPP, we can take you behind the bad headlines.


What is a SIPP Pension?

Firstly, the good news – not all SIPPs are ‘bad’ – or high risk. It is all about where the funds are invested. However, SIPPs can be higher risk than a traditional pension scheme, meaning they could unsuitable for some people. Traditional pensions limit the funds your provider can invest in. But with a SIPP you can invest in pretty much anything e.g. overseas properties, car parks, but mainly FCA unregulated products.

These investments typically grow (or fall) at higher rates than traditional pension funds. So, investors are hoping for a higher rate of return.

But of course, problems are going to occur when:

1) People move their entire pension pot into a risky SIPP

Generally, for many people, your first and best pension scheme is your final salary or defined benefit pension. Usually, you should only move your money out of these for a very good reason. Which leads us to…

2) People getting advice from so-called “advisers” with a hidden agenda

You should only take pension advice from an adviser who is authorised and regulated by the FCA, like us, 596398. These are the only people who must give you an impartial opinion of any Self Invested Personal Pension scheme.

But, because a lot of investment funds can use a SIPPs wrapper (for tax benefits); some funds set up their own so-called advisers. They usually offer the same advice “Invest in our fund”.

Why switch your SIPP with Profile?

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