Switching Your Pension

The pensions industry has a bad rep. From major government reforms to unregulated cold-callers giving bad “advice”. Many people have been mis-sold pensions in recent years. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is reviewing how people can apply for compensation if they got bad advice.

So how do you find good advice and a good pension?

Pension Wise is the government-backed service that tells you your pension options. They’re impartial but also can’t comment on your current pension or recommend one to you.

So, there’s a need for pension advice services like us. How can you know if we give good advice on finding the right pension? Here’s some of our key info to help you decide:

  • Impartial and government checked: We conform to strict rules set out by the FCA to offer fair and impartial advice. (Our registration number is  596398 and you can check out our accountability here.)
  • Only qualified advisers: All our pension advisers are professionally qualified and FCA accredited.
  • Our customers rate us: We get our customers to review us on third party review sites. And we’re consistently ranked 4 stars and above or ‘Excellent’ on TrustPilot.

Finding a great pension all starts with…

Three Easy Steps To Get Started:

Step 1 – Get in touch: Either give us a call, or contact us online. Our forms are quick and easy to complete. We only need a few details to get going.

Step 2 – Speak to one of our Pension Professionals: One of our advisers will give you a call to learn more about you and your pension requirements. Look out for a call from an 01772 phone number (our Preston office)

Step 3 – Complete a form and pop it in the post: Once we’ve confirmed your info you sign a Letter of Authority. This is a regulatory requirement to allow us to retrieve all your pension information. (You should never proceed with pensions advice without one of these in place.)

We do all the work in tracking down and reviewing your pension/s. We check fund performance and the annual management charges you’re paying. Fees are important and can significantly impact the growth of your retirement fund. We find a better deal for 7 out of every 10 customers we review.

When we’re done we book you a call with one of our pension advisers. What happens next is up to you.

If your pension is fine where it is, we’ll tell you! (We’re legally required to do so)

If we recommend switching pensions you’re under no obligation to do that with us. You can even take the information we’ve prepared and go elsewhere. At no charge to you.

But you might be interested to know that 95% of our clients opt in to working with us on an ongoing basis. Find out why. Contact 01772977162 today.