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How much does pension advice cost?

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Getting professional pension advice can mean the difference between enjoying a comfortable retirement or just getting by.

That might sound dramatic, but good advice can really pay off, providing peace of mind that your pension savings are working as hard as they can – and that they won’t run out too soon once you reach retirement.

Yet thousands of people every year access their pensions without having taken any advice first. Latest data from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) reveals that in the year to the end of March, nearly half (48%) of pension plans were accessed without regulated advice being taken.

Here, we explain exactly how much pension advice is likely to set you back, and its real value.

How much will I pay for pension advice?

What’s the value of pension advice?

What can an adviser help me with?

What if I’m very close to retiring – do I still need pension advice?

What if I can’t afford pension advice?

Can I get free pension advice?