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Submit your details online.

We will send you two forms by email and post. Respond to either of these by signing the forms and returning them. This gives your approval for us to start the pension trace.

One of our pension advisers will be in contact to talk through the results of the pension trace and run through the next steps.

Our promise to you

We'll let you know if we find something or not

Our pension tracing service is completely no obligation

We only charge you if you switch any pensions we have found

On average we find £25,000 per missing pension

Shaun, Found a £27,603 pension with Prudential. Lives in Penarth

The result of my pension trace was great! Profile helped me find pensions that I’d lost through moving employers and put everything into layman’s terms. Even though I paid out, I’m better off in the long run and in control of my pension pot.

Mark, Found a £24,899 pension with Re-assure. Lives in Bath

The process was entirely pain free, very professional and explained in a way that was easy to understand. The best part was that I found money that I didn’t know I had! I would definitely recommend Profile to anyone who needs pension advice or to find a lost pension.

Julie, Found a £8,420 pension with Phoenix Life. Lives in Scunthorpe

Year after year I would receive statements put them in a folder and forget about them. Until I received a letter from Profile asking if I would be interested in a pension trace. I took them up on their offer with no hassle within a few weeks they had found a company that I could transfer my pension to and pay in again If I wished to do so.

Average TrustScore of 9.5 out of 10

Anthony Breslin, 4 days ago
Very helpfull and professional staff
Colin Baines, 4 days ago
Very good sevice recommend to friend and family
adele gale, 5 days ago
Friendly - explain things in a way that is easy to understand.
Andrew Cairns, 6 days ago
Great service friendly and knowledgeable staff. They sort everything out for you so there no worry
Stefanie, 1 week ago
solid and good advice
GEOFF, 1 week ago
Top service Punctual Factual informative Informative
Mr craig horner, 1 week ago
My friend got in touch this morning to let me know there's a letter there for me. What? How? Was my reply, I don't live with you! I do however have my online purchases delivered there as he's at home during the day. This company has used a direct mailshot but got those details wrong. Where did they get the details from? Clearly these details were not gained by wholly honourable means or sources. I don't remember allowing a delivery company to share my friends details with the world. For this reason I would not use this company.
Bernard Bradley, 1 week ago
I was very happy with the way everything was explained to me regarding switching my pension I would recommend to my friends to do this
Dee Fizia, 1 week ago
My adviser Stephen Doyle gave very good and clear advice. He helped me very well to get a better deal for my pension which will help it grow nicely until I retire. I can also add to my pot when ever I need to and the management of my pension has got cheaper so my new pension company now charge less to mange it for me. I would recommend Profile Pensions because they give very good clear advice without committing you to anything. Its up to you at the end of the day and that is the way it should be with no pressure.
Patrick Buchanan, 1 week ago
Very good workers many thanks to all of them how helped me.
James Kemp, 1 week ago
Great company, with intelligent and funny staff that are a pleasure to deal with. Thanks!
Clint Seal, 1 week ago
They gave me a lot of information and made things very easy in helping me to up-date my pension
Wendy, 1 week ago
Helpful and accommodating with my schedule.
H. Murphy, 1 week ago
Profile Pensions managed to find occupational pensions that I had forgotten about/was not aware of which amounted to a lot of money. I had tried on my own with little or no success. For the amount charged I am happy for Profile Pensions to manage my dispersed pension pots. If, like me, you've had a number of jobs let professionals do the hard work.
Nick Arpino, 1 week ago
The person who talked to me explained everything in plan english that I could understand
Mr A J Merritt, 1 week ago
Took far too long to respond to emailed enquiries. Once they did they seemed concerned and were keen to help.
Paul, 1 week ago
Excellent information and advise without being pushy. Very happy customer 😊
Tony Bostock, 2 weeks ago
Quick and easy great advice
Yvonne Brown, 2 weeks ago
Well done so happy that I spoke to the lady that made me change my pension. Now my money is working for me once again.
COLINM, 3 weeks ago
Excellent customer service.

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