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Why Profile Pensions?

Combine old pensions

Start a new pension to combine all your old pensions into one, easy to manage plan to make your money work harder.

Help to find and combine

You can find and combine your old pensions online with just a few details, or your dedicated Pension Adviser is here to help.

Low, all-inclusive fee

We won’t charge you to find and combine old pensions. Our all-inclusive annual fee is between 0.83%-0.87%, including our ongoing service fee.

Why should you combine your old pensions?

Consolidating or combining your pensions means moving most or all of your different pension pots into one pension, making it easier to manage. With people now having an average of 11 jobs in their lifetime(1), moving home more regularly and an ever-increasing life admin to-do list, we know how easy it can be to lose track of lots of different pension pots. It’s also hard to keep track of all the fees you may be paying and how each pension is performing if you have multiple pensions and not reviewing them regularly could lead to costly mistakes.

When you combine your pensions with Profile Pensions, you get a personalised pension plan, where we tell you exactly where to invest your money for a competitive, all-inclusive fee. We also continue to review your pension with our ongoing service, meaning it’s always in the best place for you. You can also use your secure, online account to stay on top of your pension easily and quickly.

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Combine your old pensions quickly and easily


Start a new pension

Set up your account by answering a few questions that will help us understand your pension priorities. Then we can generate a personalised pension plan for you and tell you what funds you’ll be invested in, comparing funds from the whole of the market.


Transfer old pensions


Monitor your pension

Add more pensions at anytime

If you change your job and are no longer paying into that workplace pension or if you remember another forgotten pension, you can add another pension to your pension plan at any time. Simply log into your secure online account, add the details of your pension(s) and we’ll transfer them in exactly the same way we did when you first opened your Profile Pensions plan.

We’ll also check for any guarantees or benefits your old pensions may have before we transfer them. And if we find any guarantees, benefits or penalties with a value over £50 then we will contact you before proceeding with the pension switch.

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