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With the average person having 11 jobs in their lifetime, it's easy to lose track of your old workplace pensions. We’ll help you find and consolidate them into a new pension plan tailored to your needs, to make your money work harder for your retirement.

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We're not tied to any pension providers or influenced by any deals, incentives or commission.

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A 1% fee to track down and arrange the transfer of your pensions, which is deducted from your pension.

Our pension tracing service

There’s an estimated £19.4 billion in unclaimed, forgotten or lost pensions in the UK. We help you find and transfer your old workplace pensions into a modern, flexible pension plan, that’s tailored to you. We then make sure your pensions are always invested in the right place for you. Our advice service will ensure your money is working as hard as you, to make you better off in retirement.


The estimated value of unclaimed pensions in the UK [1]


The average value of pensions that people lose track of [1]


The average UK consumer who takes financial advice will increase their pension wealth by £30,991 [2]

[1] Association of British Insurers, May 2020 [2] Profile Pensions’ Customer Better Off Analysis as at 11/12/2020.

The benefits of our service

Our service is hassle free, easy to use and puts you back in control of your pensions.

  • We do all the hard work and take the hassle out of contacting your providers to find your pensions.

  • We’ll check your pension for any guarantees or exit penalties (we’ll inform you of any over £50 before we transfer your pension)*.

  • We’ll arrange the transfer of your pension into your recommended pension plan.

  • We'll make sure that your pension is always in the right place for you with our ongoing advice service.

How you can find lost pensions yourself

Missing SERPS contributions? You can find out if you contracted out of SERPS by contacting HMRC. We can provide you with a handy template for this, simply send an email to [email protected] and we'll send you everything you need. Alternatively, have a read of our blog on how to do this.

Have lost workplace pensions? If you want to find old workplace pensions yourself, the Government Pension Tracing Service will help you identify the provider of your pension. You can then write to the provider to see if they have any old pensions in your name.

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