How our service works

We first tell you the best place to invest your pensions and then our ongoing service makes sure your pension is always in the right place

Set up a personalised pension plan

The first step is to sign up with a few details about yourself and answer some quick and easy pension questions, like when you plan to retire, or if ESG investing (socially responsible investing) is important to you.

You’ll then receive your tailored pension plan, using funds selected from the whole of the market, and we’ll introduce you to your dedicated Pension Adviser.

Combine or transfer old pensions into your new online plan

Then in your online account tell us about any pensions you would like to combine into your new plan, including any old workplace pensions you’d like us to track down for you. We’ll then take care of the rest by contacting your providers and arranging the transfer on your behalf.

Start a new pension

You also have the option of starting a completely new pension, and adding money by setting up regular or one off contributions. With help from your dedicated Pension Adviser if you need it.

Ongoing advice service

Once we have setup your pension for you, our ongoing advice service continues to monitor and review your pension, to keep your money working as hard as you do. Together with your dedicated Pension Adviser, we’ll make sure your pension plan is updated regularly to reflect your changing needs and what you want to get out of retirement. Just like your original personalised pension plan, our ongoing advice service is impartial and looks at the funds available from the whole of the market.

Secure online account

You’ll always have access to your secure online account to see your pension plan, the balance and the performance of your pension. You can also easily:

  • Talk to your dedicated Pension Adviser who is there to help you, whenever you need them

  • Make one-off or set up regular payments

  • Plan for your retirement, including pension drawdown income

  • Add other pensions or find lost pensions - and we’ll check for any guarantees or protected benefits*

  • Keep us up to date with your details

*If we find any guarantees, benefits or penalties with a value over £50 then we will contact you before proceeding with the pension switch

Access in retirement

From age 55 onwards (rising to 57 in 2028) you can access your pension via your online account and begin pension drawdown. Your tailored pension plan gives you the flexibility to access your pension and could help you withdraw from your pension with confidence.

  • A real-time withdrawal schedule - an estimated sustainable annual or monthly drawdown rate in your online account

  • Continued investment - making sure your pension benefits from the potential of further growth

  • Your dedicated Pension Adviser - someone is always on hand to help you with your pension

A transparent, competitive all-inclusive fee

It's free to join Profile Pensions, which means we won’t charge you for transferring your old pensions to us (or for making contributions). No hidden costs. Our annual fee is between 0.83%-0.87% (depending on the pension plan we choose for you). This includes platform and fund fees, plus our ongoing advice service.

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