A personalised pension plan

Get a tailored pension plan using funds selected from the whole of the market, updated regularly and a dedicated pension adviser.

Why Profile Pensions?

Impartial and whole of market

We are not tied to anyone and look at the best funds from over 40,000 available in the market.

24/7 online access

View your pension balance and performance or contact your dedicated pension adviser in one place.

Updated regularly

We will regularly update your pension plan to make sure it's always invested in the right place.

What's a personalised pension plan?

With all the choices and complexity of pensions many people feel overwhelmed when making decisions about their pensions. Profile Pensions makes it easy for you to combine your old pensions online, we tell you the best pension for you and we update it regularly to make sure it is always in the right place. You’ll also get your own dedicated human pension adviser to help you and answer any questions you have.

Our service is easy to use and it takes minutes to combine your old pensions, putting you back in control of your money.

  • We'll contact your pensions providers and arrange the transfer of your pensions into your new plan, including any old workplace pensions you ask us to find.

  • See the balance of your pension online in one place.

  • Contact your dedicated pension adviser directly with any questions you have.

  • Rest assured that someone is looking after your pension, updating your plan regularly.

The benefits of consolidating your pensions

If you have a number of old pensions from previous jobs it might make sense to combine them into a new personalised pension plan. This will give you the convenience of having your pensions in one place, with online access - including ones you might have lost track of. You'll be able to see how they are performing, making sure they are all invested in a way that suits your needs, and knowing that impartial pension experts are working to make sure your money works as hard as you do for your future retirement.

Regularly updated with our ongoing pension advice service

We know it’s important that your pension is invested properly to ensure it gives you the financial future you deserve. That’s why our ongoing advice service, and your dedicated pension adviser, makes sure your pension plan is updated regularly to reflect your changing needs and what you want to get out of retirement. Profile Pensions will manage your pension for you for a low annual charge, using its impartiality to ensure you are always invested in the right place.

No hidden costs: A transparent, competitive all-inclusive fee

It's free to join Profile Pensions, which means we won’t charge you for transferring your old pensions to us (or for making contributions).

With Profile Pensions you will pay a total all-inclusive annual fee of between 0.83% and 0.87% depending on the plan we identify as the best option for you. This includes our ongoing advice service where we regularly monitor and review your pension to make sure it's always in the right place for you.

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