Pension Review: is your pension right for you?

Dan Miles | 12/04/2018



As our health improves, we’re living longer. In just 15 years from now, average life expectancy in the UK is expected to be about 86 for men and 87 for women, according to research by the UK Medical Research Council and Public Health England.

That means a much longer retirement, so setting up a new pension as early as possible to help ensure you have a reliable income to look forward to is a very good idea. But as we get older our lives change, our needs change and our attitudes change. So must our pension...

How do I find out if my pension is right for me: Katy's Story

Four reasons to seek pension advice

1 - Your pension plan(s) could have charges and fees that are uncompetitive by today's standards. If you're not sure if your fees compare favourably, contact us to find out!

2 - Your pension(s) are invested in funds that aren't performing well or no longer match your attitude to risk.

3 - Your pension fund could have high management charges compared to a more recently-launched one. A review will show you how competitive your pension is.

4 - You may have several pension plans and find them difficult to manage. A pension review will tell you if there's a single provider could help you keep better track of your money.

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