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Pension Advice: Q&A with Mumsnet

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Profile Pensions
Profile Pensions

The lovely people at Mumsnet recently asked us over for a cup of tea and a chat about pensions. One of our pension advice experts, Michelle Gribbin, took questions from the Musmnet community as we continue our mission to make people understand their pensions and improve their financial future.

Whenever we do one of our Pension Advice Sessions we are always fascinated and excited about how enthusiastic people are to learn more about pensions. And it's not surprising, 16m people in the UK do not have access to or are able to afford financial advice and 77% of people don't know how much they need to retire.

Profile Pensions exist to address this lack of pension advice. Our impartial experts track down your pensions and explain them to you in an easy to understand way. If we can't improve what you've got, it won't cost you a penny.