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A pension comparison that makes sure you are getting the best deal

We compare your pension plan provider with the rest of the market place and make sure you are being looked after

When we do a pension comparison, our impartial experts take a look across the whole industry for you. At its simplest, we are looking to see if we can reduce your management fees. Smaller fees, means a larger pension pot when it comes time to retire. And because we have helped more than 11,000 customers compare and switch over £450M in pension savings, we now have some purchasing power. When it comes to pushing down charges, sometimes we can get rates not available elsewhere. But we are also not a one-off switch for commission service. We believe that not best for you or our business. Your pension needs could change many times over the years. It could be another change in pension laws, the economy, or your personal circumstances. Our founders who by the way completely changed the Home Conveyancing industry set the business up based on this idea. If we can simply give out the best pensions advice, eventually people will come to us for pensions (we are all working older and older, huh). So if we compare your pension plan and cant find a better dea for you now, no problem. We are not worried we will miss our sales target, because maybe you call us another time. Or maybe you will recommend us to your friend (and that is better than any advertising). So while we are always checking our rates are competitive, we are also checking our Pension Advisers. Did they make the process of comparing your pension as painless as possible? Did they keep it simple? (Like telling you there is no need to send scans. You can just take a picture with your iPhone). Did they answer everything you needed to know? And of course, no jargon. (And we record them to check). Even if you think you already have the best deal why not give us a call? If we dont sound different from any other pension adviser you ever spoken to, then tell us. Just email Simon, our customer champion. But seriously, we can get a better deal in around 70% of pensions comparisons we do. It is a free service and there is no obligation to take anything forwards. If you are not interested that’s fine. We wont add your name to a list and keeping emailing and calling for the next 2 years. And if you are interested, well then we love to keep talking for years to come.
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