Ongoing Pension Advice

Why use our ongoing pension advice service? Well, 95% of our customers choose to. After you’ve been through our Pension Review service – whether you switch Pension or not – you realise you’ve never had advice like this in the past. And in the present market, you’ve never needed it more. Financial markets are volatile. Market rates are going up and down. And many experts are criticising government reforms to state pensions. Recent headlines even suggest that one in four UK pension funds are at risk of failing. In the face of that our customers told us they want: Regular contact Our ongoing service includes an annual update call to find out if anything has changed on your side, making sure your attitude to risk meets your financial goals and to check your funds are performing as they should, for your retirement goals….we will help you ensure your pension is set up in the right way e.g.: what happens to your pot on retirement and we also provide an ongoing pension support line. This line is available 9am-8pm Monday to Thursday and 9am-5pm on Friday. So if something changes – like illness or you lose your job – we can help you adapt your pension plans. And sometimes you see a headline like the one above and just want to check your fund isn’t one of the ones affected. That’s what we’re there for. Advice on taking your pension Recently there’s been a lot of changes in how you can access your pension. Including the new ‘tax free cash’ option. This has left many people with questions. Just how are you supposed to take your pension now? Whether you’re retired, semi-retired, or soon to retire, our pension experts can guide you on the best way to take your money. And we take into account your personal financial situation and retirement goals. Rather than just regurgitating the generic information and tax brackets you find on government websites. Low Cost Personal pension advice was once only the preserve of the uber-wealthy. We’ve come up with a way to democratise pension advice for the majority. We keep costs low by making our headquarters in Lancashire instead of expensive offices in the City of London. And we meet with you on the phone instead of face to face. So you get ongoing access to top notch pension experts at affordable prices. What’s affordable? Well, instead of paying thousands per appointment we charge just 0.4% of your total pension pot. As an example that would be just £160 per annum on a pension fund of £40,000. If your fund is less, you’ll pay less. Its payable on an as you go basis every month, if you don’t need or want the service then you stop the payment, putting you in control every step of the way. — If you haven’t worked with us before then the best thing to do is start with letting us find you the best value pension. It’s a no obligation service, and a chance to check us out before you commit to a service like this.