Personal Pensions

What is a personal pension? Recent restructuring of the State Pension in the UK has made one thing clear. No one wants to rely solely on a government pension in their retirement. It's more important than ever that you be the one planning your retirement. Not the government (who thinks £119.30 p/week is liveable. That's if you're even eligible). Or your employer. Sure auto-enrollment is happening in the workplace. But personal pensions are a great way for YOU to save for your retirement. Your employer may even "top up" your personal pension as well. And if you're self-employed, well a personal pension is essential. Choosing a personal pension Compared to previous decades, there's way more flexibility choosing or switching a personal pension. You can control how much you're paying in. You balance the level of risk and security, for growth. And now, after the age of 55, (57 if born after 1971) you get to decide how you want to take the money. So how do you choose the best option to suit how you want your retirement to be? Setting up or switching a personal pension We advise on all options for setting up or switching a personal pension. And since 2013 we've helped over 11,000 Brits get a better pension deal for them. That's because we are an impartial pensions advisory service. We aren't paid to push one fund over another. We can take a view of what's available across the whole industry. And then balance this with what's important to you. Are you close to retirement? Or saving for your first house? Is this pension a "nice-to-have" on top of your workplace pension? Or a "must-have" when you're self-employed. Call us today on 01772 978348.