6.5 million contracted out of SERPS
No obligation Pension Tracing service
On average we find £25,000 per pension
We are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

How We Find Your Missing SERPS Pension


Give us your email address which we use to send you a form to print and complete. Once you've done that, send it back via our freepost address: "Freepost PROFILE PENSIONS". (If you don't have a printer, give us a call and we'll post everything you need!)


We contact HMRC on your behalf and check if you have any missing SERPS pension pots. In addition, we ensure your details are up-to-date with your pension provider.


In 4-6 weeks once we hear from HMRC, we'll be in touch with you to explain the next steps.

About Profile Pensions

We give you impartial, expert and ongoing advice for your pension; from an initial no obligation review right through to your retirement.

If you worked at any time between 1989 and 2012, or if you’ve changed jobs several times, it’s time to check for “missing” SERPS money somewhere. And it won’t cost you a thing.

As with all our services, your pension report is prepared by a fully qualified and regulated Pension Advisor. So not only do they find any missing money, they can then advise you what to do next. With no obligation.

We only charge money (1.75% of the value of the transferred funds plus £450) if you decide to change or consolidate your pension. And there’s no obligation to do so.

Profile in the press

On average we find £25,000 per missing pension


Found a £27,603 pension with Prudential. Lives in Penarth

The result of my pension trace was great! Profile helped me find pensions that I’d lost through moving employers and put everything into layman’s terms. Even though I paid out, I’m better off in the long run and in control of my pension pot.


Found a £24,899 pension with Re-assure. Lives in Bath

The process was entirely pain free, very professional and explained in a way that was easy to understand. The best part was that I found money that I didn’t know I had! I would definitely recommend Profile to anyone who needs pension advice or to find a lost pension.


Found a £8,420 pension with Phoenix Life. Lives in Scunthorpe

Year after year I would receive statements put them in a folder and forget about them. Until I received a letter from Profile asking if I would be interested in a pension trace. I took them up on their offer with no hassle within a few weeks they had found a company that I could transfer my pension to and pay in again If I wished to do so.

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