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How Do I Find My Pension?

The government estimates there is around £400 million unclaimed pension savings in the UK. Is there money owing to you?

It’s possible. Around 2/3 people have lost track of contributions they’ve made during their working life and HMRC says the average value of these “missing” pension pots is £33,500.

Sound too good to be true? Between 1989-2012 over 6.5 million people in the UK “contracted out” of the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme (SERPS).  Since that scheme ended it’s come to light just how much confusion it caused. A quarter of employees weren’t even aware they’d done this.

If you worked at any time during those years, or if you’ve changed jobs several times, it’s time to check for “missing” SERPS money somewhere. And it won’t cost you a thing.

If you’re interested in tracing your missing SERPS related pension please read on:

STEP 1) Submit your details online.

STEP 2) Sign and return a simple form. This gives your approval for us to start the pension trace.

STEP 3) One of our pension advisers will be in contact to talk through the results of the pension trace and run through the next steps.

Total time investment by you: 45 mins


Why should I trace my pension?

You can also do this by yourself. HMRC has set-up a dedicated Pension Tracing Service here. And they also send you a report.

But typically, our customers say those reports don’t give enough info. For example HMRC, only lists the info at the start of the policy’s date. And it’s not unusual over the years for a policy to have passed on to different policy holders.  You see something like a company called “Scottish Amicable”.  Then it takes further research to find out your policy is now with Prudential. We do all that for you.

But the main thing is, just knowing where the policy is doesn’t tell you what to do next.

–     Is this a good fund? Should I stay here? Is it performing well? High or low risk? And are the management fees reasonable compared with industry averages? How is my money invested? What are the risks? How much am I paying in management fees and can these be reduced?

–     Or should I consolidate my pensions?

As with all our services, your pension report is prepared by a Pension Adviser. So not only do they find any missing money, they can then advise you what to do next. With no obligation.

We only charge money (1.75% of the value of the transferred funds plus £450) if you decide to change or consolidate your pension. And there’s no obligation to do so.

Now, we know the ‘reclaim PPI’ industry has made consumers wary of so-called free financial services. So here’s our guarantee to you. If you contact Profile Pensions for SERPS Pension Tracing it is a completely:


No Obligation Pension Tracing Service

After we report back on the results, that’s it. There’s genuinely no pressure to do anything more. Which also means…


No Spam

After we track down your pensions you never have to speak with us again. We won’t bombard you with weekly marketing. No automated phone calls or text messages trying to convince you to use our paid services.

What are you waiting for? Find your missing pension money now!


On average we find £25,000 per missing pension

Shaun, Found a £27,603 pension with Prudential. Lives in Penarth

The result of my pension trace was great! Profile helped me find pensions that I’d lost through moving employers and put everything into layman’s terms. Even though I paid out, I’m better off in the long run and in control of my pension pot.

Mark, Found a £24,899 pension with Re-assure. Lives in Bath

The process was entirely pain free, very professional and explained in a way that was easy to understand. The best part was that I found money that I didn’t know I had! I would definitely recommend Profile to anyone who needs pension advice or to find a lost pension.

Julie, Found a £8,420 pension with Phoenix Life. Lives in Scunthorpe

Year after year I would receive statements put them in a folder and forget about them. Until I received a letter from Profile asking if I would be interested in a pension trace. I took them up on their offer with no hassle within a few weeks they had found a company that I could transfer my pension to and pay in again If I wished to do so.

Average TrustScore of 9.5 out of 10

Stephen Lewis, 19 hours ago
very professional and efficient service.
Lyndsey Faulkner, 1 day ago
Down to earth people who speak to you in laymans terms. Everything was explained clearly and there was no pressure to sign. I was kept informed at all times and all the people i dealt with were very friendly and polite. A very easy process changing my pension to another provider. I would definately recommend the conpany to anyone.
Ian D, 2 days ago
Fantastic service. Clear advice, not pushy at all
Claire Smith, 2 days ago
Very friendly, helpful & efficient.
Lorraine Thomas, 2 days ago
Arranged phone calls were on time, which was very impressive. The advisors listened to my queries and gave me honest, practical advice. I have never had an annual review before, or been given the access to advice that profile offer. I am really glad i moved to them, and i am more than happy with the service and support they give. Would recommend them to anyone.
Lionel Randall, 2 days ago
glad I had a cold call off yourselves. I was a bit warery of the changes to my pension provider, but I wish I had done this year's ago. I am making money for my future. keepup the good work.
Matthew Tanner, 2 days ago
All done very smoothly and professionally
Robert Jamieson, 1 week ago
Efficient and friendly staff guided me throughout the review process, with no obligation to switch pension provider (although I did, in this instance). The whole review was carried out quickly and I was kept informed throughout.
Ian Low, 1 week ago
Very friendly and knowledgeable persons
Mr Richard Mason, 1 week ago
Good and helpful advice, if a bit slow to follow up initially. If you do not want on-going advice in future years, make this clear, as an up front charge for that is made, on top of the charge already made for the initial advice (in my case, about transferring a pension). No problem at all with the helpful, professional advice given (in a friendly and easy to understand way) at all, however.
Lee Brogan, 1 week ago
Stephen Doyle at Profile Pensions was very professional and provided very sound advice with no pressure whatsoever. Highly recommend Profile Pensions.
Edward McCullock, 1 week ago
very helpful with my pension
Kevin Masters, 1 week ago
Clear and concise to understand
Alexander Brown, 1 week ago
I used them to move my pension .. had no contact of them apart from them sending me a email or text message to say for me to ring them ... Yet im paying them so why the hell should I waste my phone bill on ringing them..still not heard of them with update on my pension or anything
Brian Haworth, 1 week ago
Excellent experience from start to finish, not pushy, responsive to my needs, and they make interaction easy for the client. More than happy to recommend Profile Pensions to anyone considering their pension options.
Keith Burch, 2 weeks ago
As mentioned before, I am NEVER one to give top marks. However, you have worked tirelessly on my behalf and I thank you for that. The telephone conversations I have had with your team have been enlightening and informative. Thank you.
Customer, 2 weeks ago
Excellent professional services provided.
Morag Hutchison, 2 weeks ago
Great service well explained
Customer, 2 weeks ago
A very easy transition
Gary Key, 2 weeks ago
Can't fault . Has been excellent from start to finish

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The government estimates there is around £400m in unclaimed pensions. Is there money owing to you?